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Anxiety & Stress, CBD 101

9 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

9 Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil

Written By: Emily Spring

Curious why you're seeing CBD everywhere? Think that it sounds too good to be true? Not sure how to use it? We're here to demystify why early research indicates its better than the hype.

Our experts have compiled a CBD oil benefits list, from CBD for sleep to pain relief, to answer all of your CBD-related questions. Below, we'll cover what CBD oil is and discuss the top CBD oil benefits.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant and can provide a number of different benefits to the body and mind. Unlike marijuana and other medical cannabis products, hemp-derived CBD oil only contains trace amounts of THC because it can not have more than 0.3%, meaning it will not have a psychoactive effect on its user. Today, CBD oil has gained the attention of researchers everywhere due to its beneficial effects on the immune system and body. We’ll break down the top benefits of CBD treatment.

1. Manage Stress and Anxiety, Naturally: 

A daily regimen with full-spectrum hemp plant extract, high in CBD, may reduce your body’s natural stress response and stress hormones (bye cortisol!) according to mounting evidence.

A 2010 study cited in Journal of Psychopharmacology found an oral dose of 400 mg of CBD reduces symptoms of social anxiety disorder in humans. This study found CBD has anti-anxiety properties.

In a study published in Neuropsychopharmacology (2011), patients with social anxiety disorders received a 600 mg dose of CBD one and a half hours before participating in a stress-triggering exercise. Results showed a significant reduction in anxiety levels, cognitive impairment, and reduced discomfort in speaking in social settings.

It’s important to recognize that these studies are investigating the efficacy of CBD isolate vs a full spectrum hemp extract. It’s purported that a full spectrum extract is more effective than an isolate and therefore requires less mg per dose.  In fact, at Plant People CBD, our oils are full spectrum and extracted from the entire plant. 

Like a thermostat, CBD should kick in right when you need it, ideally bringing you back into balance. CBD may help our brains access and reduce the breakdown of important chemicals that we produce -- like serotonin and anandamide (a.k.a the "bliss" molecule). The result is a life hopefully filled with more joy and relaxation… and way less stress.

2. Reduce Pain and Inflammation:

Besides managing stress and anxiety, CBD oil presents health benefits and contains anti inflammatory properties. Research suggests that both sublingual (under the tongue) delivery and topical use, may support moderate chronic pain relief and inflammation reduction. A 2015 study indicated that mice given topical CBD for arthritis had significantly less inflammation and pain signals after only four days without any side effects. If you are seeking pain relief, adding a CBD oil product, like CBD tinctures, to your daily routine may help.

3. Improve Your Sleep:

Get your zzz and feel rejuvenated. There are many ways in which pure CBD can support a more restful and deeper sleep. In a 2017 report, the World Health Organization stated, "There is also preliminary evidence that CBD may be a useful treatment for a number of other medical conditions. More research is needed, but there is promising evidence for chronic pain, anxiety and other challenges that prevent us from a deep sleep." CBD for sleep has the potential benefits of relaxing you and providing restful sleep. 

4. Heal Without a Habit:

CBD is not known to be addictive, so keeping the same dose in your regimen is perfectly fine. Whether you use a CBD tincture or another type of CBD oil product, you can have confidence that you will not develop a dependency on a cannabidiol oil.

5. Achieve Clarity, Not a High:

CBD is not known to have psychoactive or psychotropic effects. Yes, it is derived from cannabis, however it only contains trace amounts of the compound THC, which is what has the altering psychoactive effect. Even though THC and CBD share a nearly exact molecular structure, one critical difference gives each compound uniquely different medicinal properties. THC has a cyclic ring while CBD has a hydroxyl group –– and this one difference is why THC will get you high and CBD won’t. In fact, CBD may moderate THC's effects by alleviating stress and anxiety. Many studies suggest that you can use CBD for focus, as it has powerful properties and provides therapeutic benefits without having a dysphoric affect.

6. Soothe From the Outside In:

CBD and some of the other secondary cannabinoids are showing promise for improving a variety of skin conditions. Early research is showing that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) may play a role in skin health. In one study, CBC reduced acid and oil production that often causes acne. And another study demonstrated that all phytocannabinoids had topical anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Preserve and Maintain Brain Health:

One of the main CBD benefits is its ability to support brain health and cognitive function. Cannabinoids may have neuroprotective properties-- or in other words, they may help protect your brain! One study even showed that CBG (cannabigerol) improved motor deficits in mice with Huntington's disease. While numerous animal studies have been conducted, researchers are still studying each health benefit that can be found in humans. Examining the impact for humans in the future will be critical to understanding the impact of cannabinoid supplements on brain health.

8. Immune System Support: 

CBD may help strengthen and regulate your body’s immune system but research is still in its early stages. However, existing research does show that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects and is both an immunosuppressant and immunomodulator. This means that CBD will suppress your body’s immune system, keeping it active when it is underperforming which indicates it could be helpful for people with auto-immune or overactive immune system disorders. In addition, CBD supports a healthy response to stress, reducing cortisol, which is helpful for maintaining a strong immune system. CBD can also be combined with other immune boosting ingredients. You can find CBD capsules for sale that have been combined with adaptogens or neotropics. These ingredients mixed together can provide a tougher defense for your immune system. 

9. Blood Pressure Management:

Blood pressure is a measurement of the pressure of blood exerted on the walls of arteries. Although blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day, consistently high blood pressure is detrimental to our health and is known as hypertension.

CBD shows promise for supporting individuals with high blood pressure. A study in 2017 shows that a single dose of CBD reduces blood pressure, "This data shows that acute administration of CBD reduces resting BP (blood pressure) and the BP increase to stress in humans, associated with increased Heart Rate." Another study in 2020 shows that CBD has vasodilatory effects (it widens arteries), allowing for blood to flow more easily through the body. Although more research is needed, CBD is a promising input for one of America's most common ailments.

CBD Product Types

Today, consumers can have their pick of CBD oil consumption methods. Whether you go for a CBD tincture, a topical CBD treatment, or a CBD capsules, there are many different ways to experience the benefits of CBD. However, one of the most common ways to consume this powerhouse ingredient is through CBD tinctures. A CBD tincture allows you to take liquid CBD oil along with other beneficial ingredients like powerful terpenes and herbs in a drop form. Not only is it easy to dose through sublingual absorption, but it’s also fast-acting, making it a great solution for on-the-go relief. You can also learn how to use and take CBD oil for optimal benefits.

So whether you struggle with anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, or simply need a pain reliever, CBD can help. Now that you know what you have to gain with this CBD oil benefits list, go ahead and reap the benefits of CBD with our organic hemp-derived CBD products. If you have questions regarding CBD benefits or are worried about CBD side effects, check out our blog to learn more!


Written by Emily Spring 

Emily Spring is the Director of Marketing at Plant People. A longtime proponent of balanced living, she has enjoyed over 8 years driving growth in the lifestyle, health and wellness sectors with deep experience in functional solutions for optimizing anyone's everyday life.

Reviewed by Minchul An

Minchul An is a Clinical Cannabis Pharmacist and MTM Specialist.




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