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CBD Capsules

Make CBD a simple part of your routine with easy to consume capsules. Keep balanced, invest in brain health and power your immunity.
CBD Capsules



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Why Choose Plant People CBD Capsules 

Plant People capsules are doctor-formulated with high potency CBD and powerful adaptogens, mushrooms and nootropics to support specific solutions. The extracts are regenerative organic, vegan, non-GMO, third party lab tested and gluten free.  Plant People capsules contain CBD isolate which has 0% THC and is extracted with ethanol and or CO2, the cleanest methods. Plant People capsules are easy to consume and have 15mg of CBD per capsule. Plant People capsules are available for all your different needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many CBD capsules should I take?

The recommended dose is 1-3 capsules as needed in morning or afternoon. Consistency is key for success, take it daily. 

What’s the difference between CBD oil and CBD capsules?

Plant People CBD oils are full spectrum extracts, high in CBD, but driven by the power of the entourage effect. The minor cannabinoids support CBD for maximum effect. Hemp is the hero element. In contrast, Plant People CBD capsules are THC free and use with supporting herbs and botanicals like Ashwagandha. CBD tinctures are absorbed quicker, but may not last as long as a capsule, which is absorbed a bit slower. 

When should I take CBD capsules?

You can take CBD capsules morning or afternoon, as needed. Be Calm is suggested for anytime of the day. Stay Sharp is best used during the day as it has some energizing properties.

Should I take CBD pills with food?

Plant People CBD capsules can be taken with or without food.

Do CBD pills work for anxiety?

Research indicates that CBD and full spectrum extracts may have stress reducing properties and help the body respond to stressors. Other research backed herbal and mushrooms in the capsules have powerful adaptogenic properties which helps us manage our response to stress.

How long do the effects of CBD pills last?

It can take up to a full hour for CBD capsules to take effect, which usually lasts from 6-8 hours.