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What about Hemp Oil for Your Skin?

What about Hemp Oil for Your Skin?

There are a lot of different applications of hemp extract - and specifically the primary compound CBD in it - on the market these days. Have you ever wondered how cannabinoids interact with your skin? Well, now you can experience it with our revitalizing body oil developed in partnership with Tata Harper.

When we set out to expand our topical category, it was essential that we found a partner that shared our values and had established expertise in this area. We went straight to the gold standard.

Enter, Tata Harper - a like-minded brand that takes our mission to the next level.  A pioneer in natural luxury skincare, Tata holds impeccable standards of efficacy, quality, and purity for her 100% natural products.

The founder, Tata Harper, has a similar backstory to ours. Like Hudson and Gabe, who turned away from traditional pharmaceuticals after traumatic back injuries, Tata abandoned conventional, synthetic skincare products after her stepfather’s cancer diagnosis. Each story represents a shift away from conventional western medicine that sometimes may be more harmful than good. 

Whether rooted in medicine or skincare, each story ends the same: with healing and wholeness found within the power of plants and a desire to share this lifestyle with others. 

The holistic body treatment has Tata's Estate Grown Beauty Complex as a base, which delivers complete full-body restoration and rejuvenation through hydrating and restorative benefits.

The infusion of 800mg of full spectrum hemp oil, high in CBD can support reducing inflammation on the skin and in the body.

But hurry… we've only batched 150 bottles, and we know this won't be around for long. 

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