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Three Ways CBD Will Keep you Sane and Serene this Spirited Season

Three Ways CBD Will Keep you Sane and Serene this Spirited Season

From a crazy uncle to an old-fashioned grandma, every person has at least one family member they don’t exactly see eye to eye with. We tend to “not so delicately” confront these quirks during the holidays thanks to mixing close corridors, booze and lack of sleep.

It’s safe to say that the holidays put even the most zen person to test. CBD is here to help.

People typically try to survive the spirited season by resurfacing bad habits, screaming into a pillow or saying they’re going to the grocery store and not return for hours. If you’re looking to transform how you approach the holidays and maybe actually enjoy these coming weeks, CBD (Cannabidiol) is your answer. Here are three advantages to incorporating CBD into this year’s holiday routine:

  1. You will better handle your slightly dysfunctional, but loveable family.

CBD is the ultimate de-stressor. This plant-based remedy reduces our biological response to anxiety by both boosting signaling through serotonin receptors and regenerating neurons in your brain. A few drops of our full-spectrum CBD before heading to Thanksgiving dinner will allow you to remain blissful throughout the evening’s shenanigans.  

  1. You will get the best sleep no matter the time zone.

With long flights to sharing a childhood twin-sized bed with a significant other, people are deprived of good, deep sleep during the holidays. Lack of sleep will make you less sharp, more irritable and weaken your immune system. To avoid becoming the Grinch this holiday season, make CBD products like our Calm capsules a staple of your travel uniform. CBD will promote relaxation so that you are guaranteed to experience the deepest REM anytime and anywhere.

  1. You will no longer be hungover and in food coma for days.

Holidays revolve around the dinner table and bar. Even though you shouldn’t stop yourself from enjoying all the deliciousness this season has to offer, those extra glasses of wine or servings of pasta have consequences –– headaches, dizziness and nausea. CBD can stop you from wasting your precious days off withering away in bed. This natural elixir reduces inflammation and supports liver health. Put a few drops in your drink or season your food with our CBD olive oil, to wake up feeling refreshed after an indulgent evening.

Ultimately, the holidays don’t have to be stressful. With a few deep breaths and CBD, these next couple of weeks will feel like any other day –– except with better food and drinks!

Written by Gabe Kennedy, Co-founder Plant People.

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