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Plant Person Profile

Plant Person Profile: Mia

Plant Person Profile: Mia

Meet Mia, a Los Angeles-based Dance Fitness Instructor and Plant Person we love. 

Tell us a little about yourself: 

Oh hi there! I’m basically just your quintessential enneagram 4w3 LA woman in her 30s that has a passion for all things that make me LOOK and FEEL better (she says while chugging kombucha). Which also happens to be the reason I teach fun high commitment/low pressure dance workouts and make silly comedy videos on TikTok. I’ve also been married for a weirdly long time for my age to a very cool dude and we have a 6lb fur baby named Daisy 

What's your relationship to the world of "wellness"/plant medicine? 

I have always been drawn to a blend of western and alternative medicine. When I was a kid, I practically memorized the ‘doctor’s book of home remedies’ and I feel I’ve now developed a sort of life hacking / work smarter not harder approach to health and wellness. Instead of catch-all solutions like a multivitamin, I like to identify and research what would help me most with MY specific issues and focus on that. I do have a fairly extensive regime of supplements I take daily: collagen, sole water, probiotic/symbiotic, magnesium, l-theanine, l-tyrosine, and of course my beloved Plant People CBD ♡

What do you love about “wellness”? 

I love seeing the science and data behind it and I really love using that to then feel empowered by your choices. I think the wellness world was scarier before the Internet existed because you could sell people on anything without them being able to fact-check it first. 

What needs to be changed? 

The quick fix approach to wellness, whether it be weight loss or beauty related. Rarely is there a magic pill for anything, it’s all the tiny everyday (and sometimes boring) balanced micro-decisions that add up to make you healthy and beautiful both mentally and physically. 

What are you reading right now? 

Um, do TikTok closed captions count? I have so many books I want to read but I’m so bad settling down enough to do it!.

Who are three people we should follow right now? For laughs and posi vibes, which we all so desperately need at the moment: 




What's your must-have Plant People product?

Oooh ,that’s a tough one because I have different faves for different occasions. But I think my holy grail would be the ‘Stay Sharp’ capsules. It’s the nootropics and adaptogens that massively and naturally improves my cognitive function, FOR MEEEE! 🤪

What's your #1 must-do tip to feel whole, nourished, grounded? Move your body everyday. Do whatever feels good to you! I recommend dance for obvious reasons. My feeling is that dance IS for everyone even if you don’t consider yourself a dancer - everybody has danced at a concert or tapped their foot to a beat. You don’t have to be good to dance! But it’s also great because you can do it almost anywhere and shaking it to loud music is also very cathartic. I call my classes ‘Dance Therapy’ because sweating and moving your body via dancing has been proven to regulate your nervous system. Even in the animal kingdom they shake their bodies after a fight or flight response to regulate themselves. It also helps you process big emotions and work through things like PTSD and trauma. And lastly, it lets you be silly again (at least my classes do lol!) you can release that inner kid that lives inside you that’s been patiently waiting for you to be done adulting so it can to come out and play again! 

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