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31 Days of Climate Action

31 Days of Climate Action

31 Days of Climate Action

Dear Plant People, 

On this earth day we ask you to join us in taking 31 days of climate action! Simple steps on a daily action can lead to big change across the board. Each day has an intention, an action, a reflection - the links will lead you to more resources where you can explore the actions of that day. My sister Solina made this resource last year, and I still find it to be very helpful. 

The entire program can be found at 

With Gratitude, 


Day 1: Envision

Envision the future you want for the things you love, and connecting it to climate action. Follow the link for a 3-5 min exercise! 

Day 2: Talk

Start a climate conversation. One of the most important things we can do is to talk about climate change.

Day 3: Eat less meat

Find ways to eat less meat while digging into veggie-forward dishes. We've got tips, recipes, resources, and more!

Day 4: Add your representatives' #'s

Save your representatives' phone numbers, because calling them is one of the best ways to get their attention.

Day 5: Call your national reps.

Call your representatives to request specific climate actions. Your voice counts, so make sure it's heard.

Day 6: Tweak your transit

Find ways to drive less (and better). These tricks benefit the planet, your wallet, and your health!

Day 7: Write to reject fossil fuel ads

Ask the media to quit fossil fuel ads. These ads are intentionally misleading and create public confusion. Not cool!

Day 8: Spend time in nature

Embrace the outdoors. Connecting to nature can provide inspiration to protect it -- and it's good for your health! Enjoy!

Day 9: Acknowledge your feelings

Deal with and sit with your feelings about climate change. We've got resources for working through climate emotions.

Day 10: Make your miles count

Reflect on flying so you can reduce your time in the sky. Reducing flights is important because offsets don't work.

Day 11: Place a call to break free from plastic

Call your reps about the plastic crisis. Didn't hear? Plastics are the new coal. The plastics crisis is also just gross.

Day 12: Support Indigenous land rights

Learn to be an ally to Indigenous peoples, and learning why protecting land rights is an important climate solution.

Day 13: Push the media

Ask TV news to cover climate better. Mainstream media needs to consistently show we're in a climate emergency.

Day 14: Get green energy

Make the move to renewable energy at home. We've got lots of options for you, whether you're a renter or homeowner.

Day 15: Enjoy a win-win leisure activity

Find a low-carbon way to enjoy the day. We're building towards a future of living joyfully but more lightly on Earth.

Day 16: Plant trees

Re-green the world one tree at a time. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now.

Day 17: Support climate justice

Find ways to support climate justice and environmental justice. We've got resources and ideas!

Day 18: Call a local elected representative

Call your local representative about breaking up with fossil fuels. Or make a different climate-related request!

Day 19: Reduce your home energy use

Use less energy with some simple tricks. Energy is precious; let's use less of it. We've got lots of ideas that will help!

Day 20: Push the banks

Push the big banks to stop funding climate chaos. These banks are acting like they didn't get the memo on climate change.

Day 21: Make a plan to vote

Preapare to make your vote count. Voting is one of the most important climate actions we can take!

Day 22: Reduce food waste

Toss out less food to save money and the climate! If food waste were a country, it'd be the third largest emitter.

Day 23: Build community

Connecting with your local community. Community building increases resilience and supports climate adaptation.

Day 24: Buy less, share more

Embrace the abundance around us. This isn't about depriving yourself, but about making room for what matters.

Day 25: Call your reps (again)

Keep the pressure on our elected officials. Because every call helps make climate change an issue that they can't ignore.

Day 26: Compost

Make magic with your food scraps. Composting helps address the climate crisis AND the global soil crisis.

Day 27: Divest/invest

Get your money to take climate action. Take a look at your own investments, or push for institutional divestment.

Day 28: Take your action to work day

Multiply your impact by working within your institution. Every job can be a climate job!

Day 29: Join a climate action group

Embrace your climate community. Working collectively is important for getting the big systemic changes we need.

Day 30: Chart your path

Chart your own climate action path. Work on climate change in a way that draws on your talents and brings you joy.

Day 31: Celebrate and envision

Celebrate what we've done, and envisioning how you'll keep the party going! (Plus easy ways to continue climate action.

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